Temporary Oil List

Since the main Quadrivium site is under construction and the normal order form is inaccessible, this is the list of oils that are available.

The standard size for oils is a 2 dram bottle. Larger and smaller amounts can be custom made.  1oz bottles and 15ml bottles are on hand.

Oils are sealed and prepackaged in a plastic bag with an insert.

All Quadrivium oils are sold in sets of 4.

Celestial oils – $22.00 per set of 4. 

Eclipse, Electional, Planetary, and other speciality oils – $26.00 per set of 4.

All oils can be made into a 1oz spray, though the botanical elements will be removed in the bottle to avoid clogging the spray mechanism.

Plantary, eclipse, and electional oils are marked with an asterisk. 

(Don’t click on the names – that will just take you back to the main Quadrivium site.)

Oil nameSizes Available
Abramelin 1oz, 2 dram and 15ml
Abramelin – Cassia Recipe1oz, 2 dram and 15ml
Anointing 2 dram and 15ml
Banishing* 2 dram
Blue Moon*2 dram
Boss Fix2 dram
Come To Me2 dram
Court Case Civil2 dram
Court Case Criminal2 dram
Crown of Success2 dram
Cut and Clear*2 dram
Drive Away*2 dram
Fortune & Favor2 dram
Get A Job2 dram
House & Home2 dram
Kiss Me Quick2 dram
Love Drawing2 dram
Lovers Home2 dram and 1 oz spray
Money Drawing*2 dram
No More Monsters1oz spray bottle
Occlude*2 dram
Pay Up2 dram
Peaceful Home2 dram and 1 oz spray
Reconciliation*2 dram
Red Fast Luck*2 dram
Reveal*2 dram
Road Opening2 dram
Salvitas2 dram
Serve & Protect2 dram
Steady Work2 dram
Stop Gossip*2 dram
Storyville2 dram
Van Van2 dram
Vigorum2 dram
Vision*2 dram and 1 oz spray

All oils contain proprietary mixture of essential oils in a base of almond oil, with dried herbal and resin components. For individuals allergic to nuts, jojoba oil can be substituted for no cost.
Please email your order to orders@quadrivium-supplies.com to receive an invoice, which will include a shipping estimate. After your order is shipped, you will be billed or refunded for the actual shipping price. 

Custom oils are available upon request.