The Fundamentals of Magical Practice

Everybody learns at their own pace, and starts at a different point.

Some people have grown up in an environment with a culture, religion or family that introduced them to tools we use in magic. Candles and incense are pretty commonplace, to some beginners. For others, something like preparing a candle for a first burn is a new skill.

This is information about the very basics of magical practice. The things many of us who’ve been praciting for a long time believe we’re doing instinctively.

It’s not instinct. We learned these things at some point, but so long ago that we forgot that we’d been taught. On the off chance that no one is teaching these things, here they are. Questions welcome. “Stupid” questions are the speciality here, because there’s no progress in magic without a foundation in the basics.

Information is sorted into two categories: Magical Theory and Magical Practice. Theory contains essays on things like tables of correspondence, the doctrine of signatures, and the principle of sympathetic magic. Practice is where to find information about preparing a candle for burning, the difference between the various kinds of incense, and how to fix common problems with candles.

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Everybody starts somewhere.

None of these essays are in their final form, this is a beta version of the site. If you really like an essay, you might want to screenshot or download it, because it may change.

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